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Thursday, July 25, 2019

Friendship Day Status

Two person pleasure of each other company, trust and the ability two be one self, show once feeling to others it's called friendship. Find out how special you are to your friends. Friendship Day status means expressing your friendship in words or pictorial form.

check out the status of Friendship Day below:
  • A True Friend Never Leaves You In Bad Times.
  • If You Search For Friends In Every Way, You Are Never Alone.
  • A Good And Sweet Friendship Refreshes The Soul.
  • Whoever Accompanies The Bad Times Is A Friend.
  • True friends are always in our heart.
  • Friendship is the Golden thread that ties the hearts.

Some More Quotes About Friendship :
  • A Good Friendship Transform Your World.
  • Friendship day is like a family day because friends is our second family.
  • If you have crazy friends then you have everything.
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Meaning of FRIENDS: 

F  - Fight For You
R - Respect You
I   - Include You
E - Encourage you
N - Need you
D - Deserve you
S - Stand by you

Friendship means familiar and affection of each one mind to another. if the bond is very strong , they are called best friends. Anything is achievable when you have the right people there to support and cheer up you. Happy Friendship Day Status and caption that observe each and every aspect of friendship


  1. Rightly said that Friends are important in each ones life.This is a true article about friends .Happy Friendship Day 2019

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